7 drugs that changed the world completely

Medicinal drugs have become an integral part of the society because of many new health conditions and the dangers they are posing. Now, there are different kinds of drugs that could be taken in different methods. But, medicine was not always so popular in days where religion and science did not collaborate. In such times, a few drugs came to the forefront and changed the view of people about drugs and their uses. Here are some of the initial drugs that brought a revolution in the history of medicine.

Pancrein or Insulin

The greatest suppressor of diabetes preventing deaths of people at a young age, insulin is one of the greatest discoveries made by man. Sir F. G. Banting & C. H. Best, Canadian scientists were considered to discover the hormone, but there are contradictions that N. C. Paulescu, a Romanian physiologist was the first to discover it. He named the isolated substance as pancrein and published his discoveries in the year 1921. But, the Canadian scientists got recognition even though they published their discoveries the next year.


Aspirin drugs

In the year 1899, Bayer Corporation introduced a pain reliever named Aspirin that would go on to become the second most used drug in the world. Aspirin is used to reduce fever and pains caused by muscle aches, toothache, etc. Bayer Co. states that Felix Hoffmann was the one to synthesize acetylsalicylic acid, API of aspirin.


Psychological disorders were a challenge for almost two millennia until chlorpromazine was discovered and given clearance. The US Drug Enforcement Administration allowed the use of this tranquilizing drug in the field of psychiatry. It was able to solve conditions like manic depression, schizophrenia and many behavioral problems. This drug was the inspiration for many manufacturers who developed specific drugs for psychological disorders.


Chemical warfare has scared the world and looked like human extinction was inevitable. Fortunately, nations used such attacks in a subdued manner and no catastrophic harm was done. One most wonderful thing that came out of chemical warfare is the production of Nitrogen Mustards by Ed Uthman. HN-2 is a compound recognized in the nitrogen mustards and it is discovered to fight against cancerous cells like human lymphomas. After this discovery, mechlorethamine is approved as a drug and brought into availability from the year 1949.


Zidovudine is the most recently discovered drug in the list getting an approval in the year 1987. It is also known as AZT, the first NRTI [nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor] known to prolong the life span of patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.


Population control was a problem even before a century where everyone understood the ill effects of such growing numbers. It was Ludwig Haberlandt, an Austrian scientist, who proposed the use of hormones to control child birth. He even produced an extract named “Infecundin” that failed because of poor concentration of samples. However, the idea of contraception became well-spread and within two decades contraception came into existence in the form of pills.


There was a time when people died of fevers and pneumonia. This unfortunate predicament was forever perished thanks to Alexander Fleming who discovered a mold killing bacteria placed in culture plates. The bacteriologist from Scotland named the toxin that was able to kill bacteria as penicillin. The toxin was extracted successfully by H. W. Florey and E. B. Chain. Penicillin has saved millions of lives if not billions and is still used as an antibiotic.

These seven drugs may be common in use now, but they are ground breaking for what they could achieve in times where the field of medicine is related to witchcraft. It is because of these drugs that people came to realize that medical science is actually a life saver.

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