API [Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient] for the best medicine

If it weren’t for chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs the human world would have ended long time ago. Thanks to various medicines our world has become healthier and withstanding great climatic changes. However, the search for perfection has never stopped as pharmaceutical companies believe that there is always a room for improvement. The quest has found a wonderful way into acquiring quality drugs and the process is the utilization of API [Active pharmaceutical ingredients] manufactured in exclusive units.


API manufacturing units work based on the extensive research done by scientists and doctors who dedicate their time to derive the best results possible. The researches have facilitated the production of new ingredients that were previously unknown. The result is production of drugs that are far more effective than their predecessors. Now, there are brands for API and every new invention is published in medical journals for everyone to know.


For many decades API manufacturing has been limited to countries like USA and UK where the headquarters of the pharmaceutical industries used to be present. Now, the situation has changed and manufacturing units are found across India, China, Africa, etc. This brings effective ingredients closer to the people as high quality medicine can be produced. Further, there is a substantial increase in drug production meaning that there won’t be any deficiency in medicine throughout the world.


There are many standards that an API manufacturing unit has to follow and should definitely comply with global standards of Good Manufacturing Practice [GMP]. FDA, WHO, CFDA, ISO, KFDA, etc. are some of the well-known standards that a company has to follow in case of global manufacturing. There are only a few such companies like Virupaksha that are under the compliance of these standards and contain certified manufacturing units.

The Unit:

API manufacturing unit should be a collaboration of highly knowledgeable research team and state-of-the art equipment. The combination of these two would help any company to maintain those global standards as mentioned above and produce the best ingredients useful across the globe.
Generally, these are the elements that would make an API manufacturing unit great and helpful in the production of high quality drugs. These ingredients are exported or transported to drug manufacturing units for the development of medicine based on the company standards.

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