Fluconazole – Antifungal – Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Fungal infections are rampant in women and men where the fungus either affects the skin or private parts. Gradually, the infections spreads to the internal parts of the body as well resulting in serious discomfort to the individual. Antifungal API like Fluconazole is recommended for such infections. The active pharmaceutical ingredients like fluconazole, efinaconazole, luliconazole HCI, etc. are used in the production of drugs that help to heal the fungal infections. They work on the fungus or yeast directly and prevent their growth thus reduction the effects of infection. Let’s learn about Fluconazole and how it counteracts the problems caused by fungus and yeast.


Fluconazole is classified as an “Azole [triazole] antifungal” drug used to treat many infections caused by fungus and yeast. The antifungal ingredient works directly on the fungus or yeast and seizes the growth. As a result the patient can experience the disappearance of symptoms and full recovery within days. Generally, the API will start to take effect in a single day but it is suggested to complete the course of medicine as suggested by a physician.




Fluconazole is used to treat numerous infections and health conditions. A few of them are thrush, yeast infections that spread through various parts of the body like vulva, vagina, urinary tract, blood, etc. It is also used to treat fungal meningitis, cutaneous leishmaniasis, fungal skin infection, nail infection, scattered infection, ringworm, athlete’s foot, lung infection, histoplasmosis and many other conditions. The active pharmaceutical ingredient is manufactured into medicine in the form of oral suspension, capsules and pills.


Fluconazole should not be taken during pregnancy as it proved to have adverse affects on the baby.

The drug has the tendency to react with other active pharmaceutical ingredients; therefore, it should always be taken after a consultation with the doctor.

Do not give this medicine to others even if they have the same problem. It is a powerful ingredient that might cause side effects. Always follow the lead of the doctor who specifies the dose for the individual.

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