Flurbiprofen – Anti-inflammatory – Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Inflammation is an internal process in which the body produces WBC to counteract the foreign pathogens or organisms that are harmful. In some cases, the process of inflammation is triggered without any presence of foreign bodies leading to major or minor illnesses. The doctors suggest the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the effects of inflammation. Flurbiprofen is an active pharmaceutical ingredient that helps in the reduction of inflammatory cells in the body. Let’s learn more about this API and how it helps in the reduction of ill-effects of inflammation.


The API is used to produce a class of drugs known as NSAIDs. It stands for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which are quite opposite to steroid drugs. However, the drugs do retain some properties like taking care of depression due to eicosanoid and inflammation. Classed under NSAIDs, Flubriprofen is known to counteract with an enzyme that causes inflammation. COX enzyme or cyclooxygenase is an enzyme responsible for the production of active lipid compounds called prostaglandins. These compounds are responsible for the occurrence of inflammation in the body. The API acts binds with COX enzyme to prevent the production of prostaglandins thereby preventing inflammation.

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The primary usage of Flurbiprofen is seen in treating rheumatoid arthritis, pain and loss of functionality because of joint damage. It functions against inflammation thereby reducing swelling and increase of harmful fluids in the joints. Further, it is also prescribed for conditions like gout, stiffness in backbone, joint inflammatory disease, etc. In addition, a small dose of the drug is used to reduce the effects of flu, fever, etc. in adults.


Flurbiprofen is known to increase the blood pressure of the patient with regular intake. Therefore, check the blood pressure frequently to avoid any heart related problems. In addition, people allergic to NSAIDs are not fit for having this API based drug as it gives the same reactions. Always consult a doctor to know about allergies and make sure to take it after being prescribed.

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